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Positioning InsurTechs
for A-Round

Get to market 68% faster on a path to meaningful, sustainable growth; and investor confidence

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What we do

alt-channel-goal Agile
Go To Market
Go To Market

Get to market fast, find what works, keep going

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Revenue-driven growth marketing & tactics Revenue-Driven

Enterprise-level, full-funnel growth marketing experts

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Insurance Industry & SaaS Expertise Industry

Insurance & SaaS experts in growth, scale, exit

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Throughout my career in enterprise organizations, I've worked with the biggest marketing firms... you guys blow them away.
Jacqueline Schaendorf Co-Founder & COO, Cogitate

Why our customers love us

And it's not just because we're really good at this stuff

start-build-grow More time to run your company
More time to run your company We're here when you haven't the time, or people
path-to-goal Less talking,
more doing
Less talking,
more doing
We collaborate on the plan, then execute flawlessly
innovators We know
We know
Award-winning innovators; proven at growth, scale, exit
GSD Less pressure
more results
Less pressure
more results
Stakeholders and you want results. Here you go
Results-driven A fraction of the
time & costs
A fraction of the
time & costs
We're not cheap, we're just fast so you 2x+ time to ROI
Revenue-Driven Marketing Revenue-driven
data nerds
data nerds
We're so much more than just marketing.

9.6 Net Promoter Score

It's not just about results, it's about relationships. And our numbers speak volumes (and we're just getting started). Read More

Why in the heck did you start a consulting firm?

Not because we were just dying to be contractors, that's for sure. Actually, just the opposite. Long story short: We realized the gaps in traditional marketing, the time/money suck. So, we're doing something about it - we bring modern growth methodologies and an owner's mentality to ensure success as your trusted partner.


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Other questions we get asked from time to time

Who are you?

We're the first fractional CGO firm for InsurTechs.

Traditional marketing is broken, and it’s killing startups. That’s why we’re reinventing how InsurTechs grow and scale. A new way of thinking. We find your perfect customers and keep them exceptionally thru the most efficient use of talent, tech, processes, and systems - the very essence of growth (and investor confidence).

How are you different?

We started Brilliantly because growth is so much more than marketing and traditional tactics are failing startups. 

If your goal is A-round, investors will focus on NRR (and or NDR).  Basically, can you get customers and keep them and are you spending more on getting them or keeping them?  Hmmm...

We are T-Shaped - experts in marketing and strategic operations with mad skills in building exceptional customer experiences through tech, processes, and systems across the customer journey (from strangers to loyal fans.) 

What is a CGO?

In short - CGOs are T-Shaped executives with mad marketing and SaaS operations skills who embrace data-led results, remove costly silos across the customer journey, fail-fast approaches, and instill customer-centric cultures to accelerate the top-line growth, while driving bottom-line efficiencies - meaningful, sustainable growth that ends in exit or IPO.

The rise of the Chief Growth Officer (CGO) began in Fortune 1000 companies around the same time Sean Ellis introduced the 'growth hack' and 'pirate funnel'.   CGOs are big-picture strategists skilled in aligning vision with what needs focus today.  Typically reporting directly to the CEO, CGOs focus on long-term customer relationships, SocialROI, and cross-functional alignment of all growth-lever teams and roles.   

Do you execute?

About 60% of our conversations with SaaS founders start with, "Do you execute?"

We live for it.  We don't do boilerplate and we are not fans of the time-suck traditional marketing and strategy development presents. 

We listen, execute, learn, and repeat.  From just getting started thru enterprise-level leadership, execution is in our DNA.    

What's your pricing?

We're happy to share our pricing with you.  Just check out our individual services pages or let's jump on a call. 

Pricing is by target customer:  Growth stage and seed stage B2B SaaS companies led by extroverted CEOs and teams. 

Questions we get a lot

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