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 How to grow by at least 250% in the next 12 months using the Agile Growth System

And while doing so, remove the dependency on you in the sales process, get confident in your team and financial forecast, increase profit margins and have more time to focus on what you love

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We've had the opportunity to work with some of the industry's most innovative startups

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Who Is This For

The best fit startups are B2B SaaS within the Financial Services Sector (InsurTech, FinTech, HealthTech) who:

  • Have an enterprise solution with less than 12-month sales cycle

  • Are committed to growing  by at least 250% in the next 12 months but have no source of predictable deal flow

  • Have at least 2 referenceable case studies

  • Have gained some traction and have started generating significant revenue but are now stuck reaching new prospects and have no control of growth

  • Have tried agencies and contractors but they have  no industry experience and their more-of-the-same tactics haven’t moved the needle

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Over 20 years of experience in the InsurTech and FinTech Industry
  • Deep Ecosystem Connections
  • The key metric is growth, not conversions
  • Full-funnel approach
  • Big picture alignment to short-term results

Don't take just our words for it

Jacqueline SchaendorfCo-Founder & COO, Cogitate

Throughout my career in enterprise organization, I've worked with the biggest marketing firms... you guys blow them away.

Stacey BrownPresident, InsurTech Hartford

“Blown away... you guys have nailed it on product/market fit”

Cassie Profile Photo-1
Cassandra Hand-GallegosFounder & CEO, ION

“Team Brilliantly are true partners.  We’ve accelerated our growth and industry relationships much faster than we thought possible.”

Kevin MayChief Strategy Officer, Gigaforce

"Brilliantly changed our entire trajectory.  Word of advice:  This program works and is one of the best I’ve seen in my over 25 years in this industry.”

This Is What You Can Expect

  • Unique Brand Positioning: Dive deep into what makes your startup special with our team of experts. We'll help you discover and amplify your unique value proposition, ensuring your brand shines brightest for the right audience.
  • Rapid Market Validation: We don't believe in hunches. Our series of swift experiments guarantee data-backed validation, paving your most optimal route to a steady deal flow, revenues, and expansion.
  • Guaranteed Leads: Within your first 90 days, expect 15-20 qualified leads. But we don’t stop there. Our strategies promise a continual influx of potential business every month.
Growth is so much more than marketing.

Case Studies

Review some of the client results below

Helping An Insurtech Turnaround In 90 Days With The Agile Growth System

Gigaforce, a P&C InsurTech platform automating subrogation, is led by industry veterans who leveraged contacts to reach $75K MRR. Eventually needing to to branch out, Gigaforce faced key challenges:

● Positioning value to prospects;
● Sales processes and systems;
● CEO wearing too many hats.






How Cogitate Used Brilliantly’s Growth System for 5X Results

Cogitate is a growth-stage SaaS platform providing insurance technology by insurance people and dedicated to optimizing claims processing in P&C insurance.

With customers acquired mostly through relationships, Cogitate needed to go deep on articulating their value proposition in hopes of increasing awareness and deal flow.

Additionally, Cogitate need to align resources and budgets. Through an industry leader and investor, Cogitate and Brilliantly connected.






P/C Saas Starts Growing Again With Predictable Leads In 90 Days

Gigaforce is an insurance technology platform built on decades of claims experience. The founders leveraged industry contacts to gain early traction but then got stuck trying to effectively talk about what they do and maintain sustainable deal flow. The CEO was preparing for a funding round and didn’t have the skill sets on the team to grow the company


We Offer Tangible Benefits...

Exponential Growth

Witness an average growth of 250% in just 12 months.

More Time, Less Stress

Gain back 33% of your time, allowing you to focus on what you truly love.

Cost-Effective Expertise

Save up to 60% compared to hiring executive personnel.

High Satisfaction

Our commitment is reflected in our 9.6 Net Promoter Score. Our clients don’t just like us; they advocate for us.

The Steps To Guaranteed Result

Our Proven 4-step TRACTION Framework

Step 1: Clarity: How you talk about what you do

We conduct 3 collaborative workshops each with timed modules to uncover:

  • Who you are
  • Who you talk to
  • What you talk about

- We use Miro as our single source of truth.
- Our product marketing experts use this information to craft unique value propositions, marketing messages, and content templates.
- Our brand designer develops a unique brand style guide.



Step 2: Build fluid sales processes

This is where we roll our sleeves up and dig in: Map the buyer’s journey and funnels; Focus on objectives, tactics, metrics, and KPIs for each stage; And to get prospects into the funnel, we focus on two channels:

  • LinkedIn (outbound and inbound)
  • Cold Email



Step 3. Assets:  Sales enablement that converts

This is where we establish trust with our perfect customers.  

Trust opens doors. To get our prospects to trust us, we take what we learned in step 1 to develop assets that clearly define our why, what, and how:

  • Unique Value Positioning Script
  • Your Pitch
  • Lead magnets
  • CRM & Automation Tools
  • Call scripts


Step 4.  Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Having everything in place, here’s where the game-changer details are integrated with your growth system:

  • Setup and share KPI scorecards based on the metrics we established earlier;
  • Implement a communication and iteration plan to act on KPI variances;
  • Avoid no-shows with pre-call sequences to warm up prospects before the call;
  • Systemize sales processes and when it makes sense, automate;
  • Continuously refine call scripts; Bring and train SDRs (optional) Implement nurturing email-sequence;

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