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Systemize Your Revenue Growth To Attract Investors

Turn your company into an investor magnet with proven, systemized revenue growth
Guaranteed month-on-month deal flow.

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We've had the opportunity to work with some of the industry's most innovative startups

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With Our Proven track record in start, build, scale, exit

This Is What You Can Expect

  • Unique Brand Positioning for Market Dominance

    We delve deep into your company’s core strengths and unique value proposition. Our team helps craft a compelling brand story that resonates with your target audience and stands out to investors. 

  • Rapid Market Validation

    We run a series of rapid, data-backed experiments to validate your market assumptions, paving your most optimal route to a steady deal flow, revenues, and expansion.

  • Predictable Deal Flow

    Within your first 90 days, we utilize proven systems and processes to drive deals.  Our systematized approach ensures that you have a steady flow of qualified leads and a robust sales pipeline.

  • Optimize Your Operations for Investor Confidence

    From refining your sales processes to automating key functions, we help you build an efficient, scalable operation. This operational readiness supports your current growth and positions you as a well-oiled machine ready for investment.


Don't take just our words for it

Jacqueline SchaendorfCo-Founder & COO, Cogitate

Throughout my career in enterprise organization, I've worked with the biggest marketing firms... you guys blow them away.

Stacey BrownPresident, InsurTech Hartford

“Blown away... you guys have nailed it on product/market fit”

Cassie Profile Photo-1
Cassandra Hand-GallegosFounder & CEO, ION

“Team Brilliantly are true partners.  We’ve accelerated our growth and industry relationships much faster than we thought possible.”

Kevin MayChief Strategy Officer, Gigaforce

"Brilliantly changed our entire trajectory.  Word of advice:  This program works and is one of the best I’ve seen in my over 25 years in this industry.”

Who we work with

Seed and growth-stage B2B Tech companies who: 

  • Have at least $500K annual recurring revenues
  • Are committed to growing significantly in the next 12 months but have no source of predictable deal flow

  • Have at least 2 referenceable case studies

  • Have gained some traction and have started generating significant revenue but are now stuck reaching new prospects and have no control of growth

  • Have tried agencies and contractors but they have  no industry experience and their more-of-the-same tactics haven’t moved the needle

Case Studies

Review some of the client results below

Helping An Insurtech Turnaround In 90 Days With The Agile Growth System

Gigaforce, a P&C InsurTech platform automating subrogation, is led by industry veterans who leveraged contacts to reach $75K MRR. Eventually needing to to branch out, Gigaforce faced key challenges:

● Positioning value to prospects;
● Sales processes and systems;
● CEO wearing too many hats.






How Cogitate Used Brilliantly’s Growth System for 5X Results

Cogitate is a growth-stage SaaS platform providing insurance technology by insurance people and dedicated to optimizing claims processing in P&C insurance.

With customers acquired mostly through relationships, Cogitate needed to go deep on articulating their value proposition in hopes of increasing awareness and deal flow.

Additionally, Cogitate need to align resources and budgets. Through an industry leader and investor, Cogitate and Brilliantly connected.


No fluff, just tangible results

Predictable Growth

Regain confidence in your sales forecasts within 90 days

More Time, Less Stress

Gain back 33% of your time, allowing you to focus on what you truly love.

Cost-Effective Expertise

Save up to 60% compared to hiring executive personnel.

High Satisfaction

Our commitment is reflected in our 9.6 Net Promoter Score. Our clients don’t just like us; they advocate for us.

The Steps To Guaranteed Result

How AGS Transforms Tech Companies into Investor Magnets

Step 1: MindOps - Set the stage

We kick off with a deep dive into your strategic vision, honing in on what drives value. Our goal is to align your team’s mindset and operations towards achieving investor-attracting growth. We focus on leadership, accountability, and systematic execution to set a strong foundation.


  • Strategic Growth Plan: A roadmap that aligns with investor expectations.
  • Mindset Shift: Empowering you to lead with confidence and clarity.
  • 90-Day OKRs: Clear objectives and key results to guide your team.
  • Weekly Accountability: Regular check-ins to keep progress on track.

Step 2: CustomerOps – Craft an Unstoppable Brand

We transform your company's "why" into a compelling brand story that resonates with your target audience and investors alike. By deeply understanding your buyers and competitors, we position your brand as a trusted leader in the market.


  • Brand Story: A purpose-driven narrative that attracts customers and investors.
  • Messaging: Key themes and USPs that differentiate you in the market.
  • Content Templates: Ready-to-use content for web and LinkedIn.
  • Buyer Persona: In-depth profiles of your target customers.
  • Competitive Analysis: Insights to position you ahead of the competition.
  • Brand Guide: A comprehensive guide to maintaining consistent messaging.


Step 3: RevOps – Build a Lean Customer Acquisition Engine

We optimize your sales processes by focusing on the buyer’s journey and leveraging efficient use of people, technology, and systems. Our aim is to create a dynamic and scalable acquisition engine that drives growth.


  • Buyer’s Journey Board: A detailed map of your customer’s journey.
  • Sales Assets: High-converting sales materials tailored to your audience.
  • Follow-up Templates: Tools to engage prospects and nurture leads.
  • Retention Strategies: Guides to keep your customers loyal.
  • Full-Funnel Strategy: Comprehensive content and sales strategy.


Step 4. GrowthOps – Transition to Scalable Sales

We transition you from founder-led sales to a scalable, data-driven sales model. Through rapid, data-led sprints, we optimize your market approach, filling your pipeline with high-quality leads and streamlining your sales process.


  • Reduced CAC: Lower cost of customer acquisition through efficient operations. 
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Improved sales processes leading to better outcomes. 
  • Growing Revenue: Sustained revenue growth with a lean sales model. 
  • Deal Flow Management: Effective pipeline management for continuous deal flow. 
  • KPI Board: Real-time performance tracking and reporting. 
  • Continuous Improvement: Ongoing optimization of processes and systems.


Step 5. ScaleOps – Expand with Confidence

With validated market strategies and efficient operations, we help you scale confidently. We support your expansion by developing training programs, refining hiring processes, and continuously optimizing your customer acquisition engine.


  • Executive Mentoring: Leadership guidance to drive growth.
  • Increased Deal Flow: More opportunities for revenue generation.
  • Revenue Growth: Enhanced top-line performance.
  • Faster Cycle Times: Accelerated sales cycles and reduced time to close.
  • Higher NPS: Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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